Home Gardens

The gardens at Badminton are not only a pleasure to experience but a wonderful source of inspiration.

Badminton Estate has been Home to the Dukes of Beaufort since 1682, each made enhancements to the House and Gardens by involving some of the foremost architects and landscape designers of the time, including William Kent, James Gibbs, Charles Bridgeman, and “Capability” Brown.

The gardens were designed by Russell Page and François Goffinet and combine formality, structure and an abundance of plants for all seasons.

The first Duchess of Beaufort, Mary Somerset, actively collected, identified, and classified thousands of plants from around the world and created one of the most beautiful gardens in England during the 17th Century. Over the centuries the garden layout has evolved but the balance of clever design and creative gardening, is still apparent.

The present Duchess of Beaufort works closely with the gardeners in both the Walled Garden and the gardens around the house and continues to build on the work of her predecessors.


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