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The Woodlands of Worcester Lodge Tour – 25th July

Join local conservationist, Steve England on a 2 hour walk around the private woodlands of Badminton Estate and visit the historic Worcester Lodge.

This walk across Badminton Estate is an exploration of the natural landscape and insight into the history of the land. It will start and end at Worcester Lodge, where visitors can see inside this historic building and enjoy some warm refreshments.

What to expect:

Steve England will unravel the stories of the woodlands across Badminton Estate, unveiling the secrets of the local wildlife in Spring and the history of their enchanting habitat.

The journey through the woodlands also offers a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of plants, flowers and fungi. Gain insights into the diverse species that carpet the forest floor, learn about the practical uses of plants, and perhaps indulge in some hedgerow snacks along the way.

Steve England’s expertise extends beyond identification, incorporating practical plant knowledge, creative tree uses, and an appreciation for the delicate balance that sustains the local ecosystem.

The walk will end with a look inside William Kent’s Grade I listed building, Worcester Lodge, with a hot drink and cake with view across the Park towards Badminton House.

Suitable for adults who enjoy nature and history. Maximum group size 15 people.

About Steve England:

A local conservationist and history fanatic. Steve works across North Bristol to offer a variety of walks and workshops. Steve England Outdoor Learning provides outdoor courses and workshops including Wild Food Courses, Practical Plants and their uses, History Tours, Bat Walks and Bushcraft Walks, Events & Workshops – Steve England Outdoor Learning

What you will do:

Meet at Worcester Lodge, GL9 1AH to start at 1.30pm. There’s free parking in from of the Lodge if you are travelling by car or you can cycle and lock up your bike to the gates.

There are facilities on site to wash up and fill up on any water before we set off.

Get ready to walk through woodland so wear suitable clothing and hiking boots or wellies if wet weather. We will walk no matter the weather.

There will be hot drinks and cake at the end of the walk so do allow for a bit of extra time afterwards to sit an enjoy the inside of Worcester Lodge.

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  • Date : 25 July 2024
  • Time : 13:30 - 15:30 (Europe/London)
  • Venue : Worcester Lodge

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